NEW — Motorcycle Grip Design Training Programs

Motorcycle Dealers and Shops can now participate in a New Licensing program for PersonaGrip’s Moldable Handgrip Technology.
After 1-2 days of training, Dealers and Shops can become Certified Tuners or Certified Installers.

Similar to the proven Industrial Ergonomics Training Programs (see video), the One-Day Training teaches techs the basics of grip design with hands-on tuning. After training, Certified Tuners share their designs online for feedback and ratings.

Two-Day Training adds Certified Installer Certification after techs learn critical installation techniques that delve further into hand motion, various riding techniques, and multi-user designs.  Other considerations include secure fitment techniques on various bars and throttle sleeves.


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PersonaGrip Industrial Ergonomics Moldable Handgrip Training

PersonaGrip custom-molded handgrips have a rich history spanning over three decades in professional sports and manufacturing.  PersonaGrip can be found in top racing and industrial venues across Canada, America, and throughout Europe and the Land Down Under.

Today’s 4G in everyone’s pockets now enables videochat Tech Support to be available in factories and racetracks throughout the globe.

Molded hand grips on steering wheels can be found at PersonaGrip’s Steering Wheel Guy website:  www.steeringwheelguy.com

Reducing the risk for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in manufacturing environments with moldable handgrip technology: PersonaGrip Industrial Ergonomics