Industrial Ergonomics

Industrial Ergonomics Training -- Helping Assembly Line Workers Avoid Injury

We show you how to Design, Build, and Implement
Custom-Moldable Ergonomic Handgrips.
Moldable Tool Grips Story

Industrial Ergonomics Using Moldable Handgrip Technology

  • Accommodating Hand Movement – Micro Adjusting
  • Dual-Modality Vibration Attenuation – Isolation/Absorption
  • Multi-User vs. Single-User Work Environments
  • Force/Motion Analysis Using Video
  • Ergonomic Information Capture
  • Leveraging Basics
  • Ingress/Egress Handgrip Molding Techniques
  • Basic Hand Anatomy
  • Timing Exertions
  • Time/Temperature Relationships of Various Moldable Materials
  • Various Surface Treatments and the Effect on Hand Grip Performance
  • Handgrip Welding, Filleting, Burnishing, etc.
  • Record Keeping, and Organization.
Grip Forces are Less with Proper Molds
Lido Work Simulator at NIOSH

Proven by Science

Unexpectedly high reductions in grip effort revealed a new Paradigm for contact at the Human-Machine Interface.

EMG Electrodes Don't Lie
EMG electrodes on test subject's arm reveal grip effort.
Scientists at NIOSH
Scientists analyze grip effort using EMG electrodes on test subject's arms.

Training Programs -

You will learn how to design and install PersonaGrip custom-moldable ergonomic handgrips for the industrial athletes on your assembly lines.

PersonaGrip’s Two-Day, Train-The-Trainer Ergonomic Programs are designed for companies interested in establishing an in-house ergonomics program that can reduce injury costs through relaxed grips on tools.  In turn, this helps improve employee health and morale.

Day-One Training – Trainees can expect a minimum of four hours classroom time covering the basics of ergonomic handgrip design theory.  They observe Dellis molding grips on various tools.

After lunch, hands-on ergonomic handgrip molding is explored so that trainees are adequately prepared for Day Two.

Day-Two Training – Trainees are put in real-world live ergonomic handgrip development — under close supervision and guidance.

Industrial Athlete Discusses PersonaGrip

PersonaGrip Moldable Handgrip Tech Support

Tech Support – Trainees get ergonomic assistance using today’s smartphone videochat technology.  Via videochat, we can see the issue, and offer advice showing trainees how to properly mold the custom hand grips using PersonaGrip’s in-house tools.

After training, industrial workers know how to use their new ergonomic leveraging-type hand grips.

On site, we shoot video and perform force/motion analyses of industrial workers interfacing with their generic tools.

Focusing on handgrip exertion, we train industrial workers to use less force to complete the task with their new leveraging ergonomic hand grips.

We provide them with a new awareness of how to grasp a tool, and carefully time their exertions throughout a stroke to minimize injury and conserve energy.