Emerson Fittipaldi Ser.#001 Wheel
Fittipaldi won the '93 Indy 500 with Ser.#001 Steering Wheel.
Fernando Alonso Molding Grips
Fernando Alonso designed excellent grips.

PersonaGrip Steering Wheel Grips Win Races

PersonaGrip can modify your racing steering wheel with custom-moldable handgrips just like the ones you see in Indy, Formula One, NASCAR, IMSA, et al.

I’ve learned from the best in the business, and PersonaGrip’s Customer List includes:

Fittipaldi, St. James, Andretti, Schumacher, Alonso, Castroneves, Unser Jr., Johansson, Mansell, Cheever, Guerrero, Luyendyk, Rahal, Boesel, Fernandez, Sullivan, Ribbs, Villeneuve, Bodine, Earnhardt, Vasser, Sacks, Waltrip, Jarrett, Seebold, Sharp, Ribiero, Herta, Kendall, Moore, Donohue, Brayton, Pruett, Zanardi, Paul Jr., Carpentier, Hearn, Taglioni, deFerrin, Lazier, Villwock

…just to name a few.

Call for details, 714.342.3020 PST (GMT -08:00)…

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Dealership & Shop Training Programs

Inventor, Ed Dellis, has Training Programs for shops to learn how to administer the PersonaGrip technology on their customers’ steering wheels.

Call for details:  (714) 342.3020 PST (GMT-08:00)