Custom Molded Hand Grips for Motorcycles
Early Grip Design

Motorcycle Hand Grips -- Design Them Yourself

Turbo 650 Yamaha
This bike flat-out led to PersonaGrip’s invention.

PersonaGrip’s custom moldable handgrips were invented aboard a turbocharged motorcycle after Dellis got arm-pump from traveling at “paralegal speeds” for over 14 minutes.

Just like when he raced AMA Motocross in South Florida in the ’70s, fatigue set in using aftermarket  “foam-rubber grips” that required him to squeeze the grips to have control.

Riders have always equated more control with increased grip tension since  friction between gloves and grip surfaces was the primary control modality…not anymore.

PersonaGrip uses LEVERAGE against carefully designed, built-up surfaces that rise up above and sink below the grip overall surface to prevent any unwanted motion that happens when you relax your grip…this is pure physics.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it looks…just ask the IndyCar teams who’ve used Dellis’ technology for over a quarter century.  Not just IndyCar, either…Formula One, NASCAR, IMSA, F1 Boats, The Unlimiteds, et al.

When you have total control over the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) using composite thermoplastics, you are now free to experiment with different grip designs…at will.

Total Control means not only its 3D shape, but the surface textures and embossing features, too.

The 3D shape factors myriad variables that go unnoticed when you’ve only relied on the friction between your glove/grip.  Now, with video you can analyze:

  • Hand Motion
  • Wrist Angle
  • L/R Positioning
  • Glove Design/Feature Elements
  • Hand Ingress/Egress
  • Riding Style
  • Hand/Finger Size, Length, Girth
  • Handlebar Controls
  • Fixed-Hand vs Multi-Position Micro-Adjusting
  • Glove Break-In
  • Lever Design/Positions
  • Embedded Controls
  • Electrical Switch/Wiring Potting
  • Finger Fluting/Spacing
  • Wing Designs
  • Concave vs Convex Surfaces
  • Palm Swells
  • Thumb-and-End Flanges
  • Hand Injury Limitations
  • Range-of-Motion Limitations
  • Radial vs Ulnar Deviations
  • Forearm Pronation vs Supination
  • Wrist Flexion vs Extension
  • anon, anon, and on.

Today, Dealerships and Shops can participate in training programs similar to PersonaGrip’s successful Industrial Ergonomics Train the Trainer programs.

Call for details: (seven one four) 342-3020 PST.

PersonaGrip's RE-Moldability Allows NON-STOP Tuning at the Human-Machine Interface

Riders love PersonaGrip because they finally have input on how the bike feels in their hands.

Dealerships and Shop owners love it because they can constantly help their customers remold them to achieve a riding experience that must be felt.

Call for details: (seven one four) 342.3020 PST (GMT -08:00)