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NEW — Custom Gun Grips

PersonaGrip RE-introduces a custom handgrip program for guns and other weapons.

Law Enforcement, Competitive Shooters, and citizens alike can now have custom-moldable handgrips installed on their weapons by Dellis himself, or shops can now be trained on the composite thermoplastic technology.  After training, shops become licensed to install the grip elements on their customers’ weaponry.

Today’s smartphone videochat capability now enables shop owners, gunsmiths, and shooters to contact Dellis and literally show him the issue.  Dellis can then show the Licensed Dealer or shooter how to address the issue on camera using a similar weapon at PersonaGrip headquarters.

PersonaGrip Custom Gun Grip Training

PersonaGrip can be found in law enforcement agencies and ranges across Canada, North America, and throughout Europe and the Land Down Under.


New Dealer Gunsmith Licensing Program

After a day of training, Dealers and Gunsmiths can become Licensed, Certified Tuners or Certified Installers.

Call 714.342.3020 for details. (GMT -08:00, PST)


Similar to the proven Industrial Ergonomics Training Programs (see videos below), the One-Day Training teaches you the basics of custom gun grip design with hands-on tuning.  After training, Certified Tuners can share their designs online for feedback and ratings.